High-speed PCB design

     High-speed PCB design is facing its toughest challenges ever today. Board speeds are commonly over 100MHz, and components are switching in the nanosecond range. Signal integrity has become a greater concern. And the pressures to cut time-to-market and development costs (shorter project cycle times and less design iterations) are increasing.

     The common approach used for handing high-speed designs is the physical constraints methodology. First we convent the electrical requirements for the design into physical rules. Then these rules are entered into the PCB design database and adhered to during placement and routing of the design.

     A more recent approach is to use tools that are specific to high-speed PCB design. These tools truly integrate the electrical and physical worlds, allowing the design process to be driven directly by the electrical rules. Throughout that process-from parts placement through routing-there is interactive real-time signal integrity analysis and comparison of the physical design to the electrical design requirements and constrains. PCB VIET NAM personnel have the sophisticated signal integrity knowledge and experience required for high-speed PCB design. Let us show you how we can help you with your next project.


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