Library creation

The Challenge Facing Engineers

     Shortening time to market for a new design is the greatest challenge facing electronics engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and procurement groups today – and most delays result from missing or faulty component data.

     With component complexity on the rise, error-prone drudgery is only going to get worse. The typographical errors common to during the stage of design can produce “broad spins” other corrective actions that delay a product’s launch.

     A critical point in every PCB system design process occurs when the physical components selected must be interpreted accurately as EDA-compliant design elements-logical symbols, their physical packaging, PCB layout footprints, logical –to-physical mapping. Dependable simulation models and detailed parametric attributes. Bottleneck are often occurred when a design engineer himself, who has not been trained, copying these elements from the datasheet into a library creation tool. Real –time access to complete, consistent, informative EDA library data is on of the greatest challenges for most companies trying to streamline design processes.

The solution

     PCB VIET NAM Group has dedicate EDA/PCB Librarian Experts to help you create and standardize re-usable electronic component design element into your CAD – ready tools. We apply your corporate library standards or use our suggested format.

  • Librarian staffs ready on the job
  • High accuracy, lowest prices, quickest turnaround
  • No-Risk Guarantee for Fist-Time Clients
  • No obligation FREE trial library for your 1st design


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